Inspiration sessions

Inspiration sessions

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Scaleup Vlaanderen lets entrepreneurs share knowledge and experiences with the ecosystem.

Ambitious startups and scale-ups are confronted with a wide variety of challenges during the scaling process. Once a year, Scaleup Vlaanderen therefore organizes an inspiration session that focuses on a current topic that is important for the growth trajectory of startups and scale-ups. After the session, the companies get ample opportunity to talk with peers and like-minded people. Growth themes that may be addressed include access 2 finance, access to international markets, access 2 talent, strengthening leadership and internal organization, access to knowledge, infrastructure and technology, etc ...

Within such a theme, we pair keynote speakers with workshops and expert sessions, concluding with a networking opportunity.


Inspiration session

For half a day, we bring together entrepreneurs for sessions, keynotes and panel discussions around one specific topic.


Inspiration sessions

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This event addresses the broad Flemish ecosystem of startups and scale-ups and is open to all interested parties.


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