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NLO is a leading European intellectual property (IP) firm that provides a wide range of IP services to clients in various industries. We offer IP counseling, patent and trademark prosecution, and IP litigation services, with a focus on helping clients to safeguard their innovations and maximize the value of their IP assets.
Our company structure is composed of different teams, each with its own area of expertise. The patent team is responsible for drafting and prosecuting patent applications, as well as providing advice on patentability, freedom to operate, and infringement issues. Our trademark team handles the registration and enforcement of trademarks, as well as providing advice on trademark clearance and infringement. The litigation team handles IP disputes, including patent and trademark infringement lawsuits, and provides advice on litigation strategy. Additionally, we also have an IP strategy team that helps clients to develop and implement IP strategies that align with their business goals. We have teams of highly qualified professionals, including European Qualified Patent Attorneys, Trademark Attorneys, and IP Attorneys. Our offices are located in The Netherlands and Belgium.
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Osborne Clarke
Osborne Clarke Brussels is a tech-focused corporate law firm of nearly 40 lawyers supporting domestic and international clients. We pride ourselves on having a unique approachable culture which is not just an added extra but is fundamental to our success.
Our sector-based approach enables us to help clients tackle the issues they are facing today, and prepare for the ones that they will face tomorrow. We focus on six main sectors and the digital economy is one of our key areas of expertise. 
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