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Scaling Internally: People & Organization

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The growth of your business also brings a lot of internal issues. Scaleup Vlaanderen can help you with that!

As a scale-up, developing leadership often poses a challenge. After all, your company must not only grow externally - more customers, more sales - but also professionalize internally.

Motivating, involving, developing, stimulating and making employees grow does not happen automatically and, especially in the growth phase, needs to be well framed. In addition, attracting, retaining and developing talent is an extra challenge. After all, as a digital scale-up your company goes through a number of phases that require new or different profiles.

During this 3-day process, we provide several customized workshops depending on the specific needs of your organization.

We look at your current and future growth stages, and offer support in translating them into a concrete policy. We do this by using coaching sessions, workshops, tools and systems to strengthen leadership, management and your organization as a whole.

With the help of a multidisciplinary team (HR, legal, etc.), we can help you further with the various issues you struggle with as an executive.



Getting the need(s) clear is an important first step. What vision do you want to propagate as a company, where do you stand, what is needed, what are the stumbling blocks?

Action Plan

Together with you, an action plan is developed. We determine a program tailored to your needs. We look at who from your organization best participates, to increase the success factor.

Guidance Sessions

During the workshops, individual coaching and training moments, skills and abilities are developed, organizational structures are adjusted, systems and tools are implemented.


Internal Scaling

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Selection Criteria

  • You are a founder, co-founder or CEO.
  • You are bringing a digital product to market.
  • You have reached the stage of product/market fit and are ready to grow. This means that you have found a market for your product, you have a number of customers, your team is growing and your company can count on stable sales. In short: you have outgrown the phase of startup.


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