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As a digital company you are "born global", which means that your customers, partners and competitors are located worldwide from day 1. So you need to consider internationalization and the scalability of your sales, marketing, support and product management from the start.

During an individual coaching program of 4 days we analyze together the phase in which your company is now. We look at your customers, turnover, team, competitors, the countries where you are currently active, the advantages and disadvantages of different distribution models and determine what is the next step in your internationalization. Are you ready to scale up internationally, or are you rather in the pre-internationalization phase?

This process takes about 8 weeks. Between the different sessions you process the input and thus build your internationalization case step by step. If necessary, we involve other experts for certain areas. This business case can serve as a basis on which you as (co-)founder, with or without the support of an advisory board or board of directors, can make a decision regarding internationalization and the corresponding investments.


Defining persona

Determine the persona (ideal customer). When you internationalize you need to know who you are targeting. Not every customer is just a "good" customer.

Your ideal target market

Selecting your international market is very difficult. Do you focus on the market with the greatest potential, or just barely? Are you trying to get a foothold among your competitors or are you looking for a market where the competition is not playing?

Distribution Models

When is it best to use a direct sales model, and when is it best to work through an indirect channel? Or is a hybrid form a good approach? You will learn the pros and cons of the different models and together we will look at what suits your scale-up best.


Finding the right funding at the right stage is an art in itself. How much investment do you need to execute your plan? And when do you decide "to pull the plug"?

Digital Marketing

Even more than classic companies, as a digital scale-up you need to have knowledge about digital marketing when internationalizing. You get a digital dashboard at your disposal with which you learn to interpret your own digital footprint and that of your competitors.

Internal Scaling

Internationalization often requires the implementation of new tools and processes. Sometimes you also need new profiles in your company. Our experts provide more insights into the do's and don'ts of building an international team.


Internationalization coaching

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Selection Criteria

  • You are a founder, co-founder or CEO.
  • You are bringing a digital product to market.
  • You have reached the stage of product/market fit and are ready to grow further.
  • You have a number of international customers, but you lack a well-defined internationalization strategy.


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