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Find the best form of financing for your scaleup

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What is the best form of investment for your business? Scaleup Vlaanderen helps ambitious entrepreneurs choose!

Raising capital can be done in different ways, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. In a limited group (max. 10 to 12 entrepreneurs) with entrepreneurs who face the same challenge, you will be guided in this Master Class by expert Sven De Cleyn (program director imec.istart). He will help you gain the necessary insights into the matter and will provide the necessary tools to get started after the Masterclass.

Through peer learning and interactions with the other participants in the Master Class, you as a participant will gain new insights. During an (optional) one-on-one with the coach after this workshop we can go deeper into your specific wishes and questions.



Our experts will give you tools and insights to help you raise money.

One-on-one session

We will address specific needs and questions in more detail in an optional conversation on another day.


Masterclass Finance

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Selection Criteria

  • You are a (co-)founder, CFO or CEO.
  • You are bringing a digital product to market.
  • You have reached the stage of product/market fit and are ready to grow further.
  • You have a number of international customers, but you lack a well-defined internationalization strategy.


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