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Going abroad with your scaleup is not something you do overnight. Our experts have decades of experience in assisting scaleups with their foreign expansion.

Are you thinking about expanding into Germany? It has many benefits for Belgian businesses with it being the largest economy and home to the biggest population within the European Union. While it is a global power and highly industrialized nation with its famed ‘mittelstand,’ it is a federal state, home to 16 different regions as well as has significant differences between east and west. Culturally, Germans are risk adverse, conservative and believe it or not, prefer doing business in German! 

To help you to better understand and start navigating the German market, join our next Scaleup Vlaanderen Masterclass focused on Germany. Whether you’re active in Germany or only thinking about it as a possible place for expansion in the future, this Masterclass will be of immense value for you. This session will be co-led by Andrew Herweg, internationalization officer at imec.istart and a German market expert (to be named soon). Following the Masterclass, participants will have a 1-2-1 session with the leaders of the Masterclass to enable specific feedback on a company-by-company basis.

Learning Objectives

1. Vergroot je inzicht in het uitbreiden van nieuwe markten. Dit omvat budgettering, hoe je tijd en inspanningen te structureren en het identificeren van kansen.

2. Leer hoe je nieuwe markten die bij je bedrijf passen kritisch kunt analyseren.

3. Je inspanningen in Duitsland starten, stoppen of verdubbelen.

After this session you will have:

1. Een uniek inzicht in de Duitse buyer persona

2. Kennis van de hotspots in de Duitse sector en industrie

3. Zicht op de stappen die je bedrijf moet nemen om te 'lokaliseren' voor de Duitse markt

4. Kennis van hulpmiddelen en organisaties die je kunnen helpen bij je expansie

5. Inzicht in het 'internationaliseringsproces' dat van toepassing is op de Duitse markt, maar ook op andere buitenlandse markten die je voor de toekomst wilt verkennen


  • Andrew Herweg, Internationalization Officer at imec.istart - Andrew has spent the past ten years as an advisor, manager and mentor to startups, non-profits, small and medium-sized enterprises and Fortune 500 companies in North and South America, Europe and Africa. Notable companies include Visa Europe (now Visa Inc.), KKR and Deloitte. For five years he worked in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda for Brioche, 1000 Hills Distillery and Grameen Foundation's TaroWorks. He now works for imec.istart, one of the top startup accelerators worldwide, where he supports early-stage tech startups in entering international markets.



Our experts will give you tools and insights to expand internationally.

One-on-one session

We will address specific needs and questions in more detail in an optional conversation on another day.


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Selection Criteria

  • You are a founder, co-founder or CEO.
  • You are bringing a digital product to market.
  • You have reached the stage of product/market fit and are ready to grow further.
  • You have a number of international customers, but you lack a well-defined internationalization strategy.


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