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As a digital product company, x10 growth potential may be within your grasp. As a scaleup, it now comes down to putting your proven product-market-fit to work and through a thoughtful Go to Market strategy and action plan.

A digital company is 'born global' and has global access to customers, partners and competitors from day 1. That has a big impact on what you do. How scalable are your sales, marketing, support and product management? What about your international strategy?

The good news is that not only are there a lot of entrepreneurs in Flanders in the same boat, but there are also quite a few experts who have gone before you. At Scaleup Vlaanderen you get to know them, so you can learn from each other!

During this six-month program you will learn more about the fundamental pillars for growth, within a group of 10 ambitious scale-ups. We provide you with a real toolkit that allows you to translate the ambition for your company into a feasible customized roadmap.


Entrepreneurial Sales & transitioning from founder led sales

When your company reaches a certain stage, it is important to make your sales processes less dependent on the founders and you are going to have to build a professional sales team. How do you do that and what is involved? You will also get tools and tips to better manage the complexity of the buying process in business environments.

Internal Scaling

As your company's customer base grows, your internal organization must grow with it. New tools and processes need to be implemented and often you need new profiles in your company. Our experts provide more insights into the do's and don'ts of building a top-notch team.

Visibility and online footprint

It is important that your scale-up is found and known to the right stakeholders. by You will be provided with a digital dashboard with which you will learn to interpret your own digital footprint and that of your competitors. Attention is also paid to (data-driven) thought leadership and relations with the press.

(Digital) Go-2 Market

As a digital scale-up, you can enter the market in different ways: with your own enterprise sales team, via partners, via self-service ... . But which type of sales suits your company? You will get tips and insights into pitfalls and examples of go-2-market from several other digital companies.


Our team has done extensive research into the internationalization strategies of hundreds of scale-ups. This shows that a company typically goes through 4 phases in its internationalization. We explain these phases, what the focus is in each phase and what the investments are to go from one phase to the next. We also look at how best to target interesting markets.

(B2B) Growth marketing

Even more than classic companies, as a digital technology company you need to have knowledge around online marketing. We give processes around rapid experimentation with traditional and less traditional techniques across different marketing channels. We also show how testing and measuring reveal the most efficient ways to scale the business.

Lean Pricing

Pricing of software and hardware is very difficult. Especially with software, it is difficult to determine what the margin is or should be. Classic pricing strategies are often not enough. With this session we will give you insights into the different ways of pricing for digital product companies.

Product management

As you scale, how do you manage the increasing flow of requests to maintain and improve your product? It is important to articulate a product strategy and roadmap that is transparent to all parties involved. In doing so, you must also provide the necessary skill sets and roles within your team.

Legal & Compliance

Digital growth companies come into contact with specific requirements when it comes to legal matters. Data and IP protection, GPDR, preparation for capital raising, stock option plans for the team, specific obligations in certain regions etc. Through targeted advice we help you on your way!


Scaleup Vlaanderen Ignite

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Selection Criteria

  • You are a founder, co-founder or CEO.
  • You are bringing a digital product to market.
  • You have reached the stage of product/market fit and are ready to grow further.
  • You have a number of international customers, but you lack a well-defined internationalization strategy.


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