Tech Screening

Tech Screening

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As a digital product company, you come across a lot of technical challenges. Scaleup Vlaanderen helps you cut through the knots.

By presenting the technical challenge(s) for a product and/or a clear product roadmap to a panel of technology experts, interesting opportunities for collaboration are detected.

At the end of this paid session you will have:

  • Concrete starting points for entering into discussions with one or more research groups from knowledge institutions that can technologically enrich or strengthen your company.
  • Sufficient input to enter into discussions with knowledge institutions to define a Proof-of-Concept project with the aim of integrating new technologies or technological know-how into the product(s).

If relevant, we invite experts from universities or other knowledge institutions.


guru session

Scaleup Vlaanderen organizes a guru session 4 times a year where startups and scale-ups can have their product or service screened individually.


Tech Screening

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Selection Criteria

  • You are a founder, co-founder or CEO.
  • You bring a scalable digital product to market.
  • You have visibility into the technical challenges for your first product and/or a clear product roadmap for follow-on products or product extensions
  • You have at least one first (pre-)seed round behind you


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